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My Destiny Valued

Healthy Herbal Healings

A Journey 2 Destiny

CEO Elani G started M'DyVae (My Destiny Valued) over 13 years ago to provide an avenue for women to utilize natural remedies and organic herbs that will heal their bodies from built-up toxins and growing bacteria.

Our company is based on the belief that every heart deserves to palpitate with a posture of alleviation and serenity within the anatomy.

We at M'DyVae understand the heavy load's women carry within a 24 hour day of conquering their mission.

We recognize that todays Mother, Sister, or Friend may barely find time to naturally upkeep the outer layer of her skin, so fully learning her inner layers may be further down the line on her list when it comes to pampering the body internally.

That's where we come in, we here at M'DyVae humbly desire to bring the spa to your front door hoping to add layers of relaxation to your 24 hours.




“He taught us a lot about the earth and all the things you can accomplish from His dirt and plants.”

The Creator